Taylor is not a company of a single app. We are actually a lot more than that!

Taylor’s mission is to bring cryptocurrency to everyone, our smart trading assistant app and the Taylor Crypto Academy are our initial approach to it. However, our efforts won’t end there.

The Taylor Trading Assistant app and the Taylor Crypto Academy are our first efforts to achieve our goal to bring cryptocurrency trading to the masses. But we want to do more, and the nature of our company allows us that. We will look into other possibilities and study their feasibility for the future. Our goal is to add extra value to the Taylor subscription plans, as well as to the TAY token itself. It’s important to note that these are ideas and not promises. Our intention with this article is to be transparent, and let out community know some potential ideas related to our service/company that we would like to consider once our initial milestones are achieved.

We would like to investigate in the future the possible implementation of features such as trailing stops and high-frequency trading (HTF) and the creation of services such as exchange-to-exchange arbitrage, ICO reviews and recommendation, and maybe a lab/incubator for entrepreneurs who may want to create solutions that are aligned with our mission. And much more.

Again these are only ideas that we believe to be cohesive with our business model. As new possibilities for the Taylor service/app and company as a whole become feasible, we will start planning their implementation and begin announcing their time frame. For now, this is what our community can expect from us in the upcoming months:

The Taylor app

For many, the Taylor app will signify the first step into cryptocurrency waters, something quite intimidating taking into consideration its novelty, challenging technical aspects, and user-unfriendliness. Our goal is to simplify and streamline the entire process so that anyone can participate in what we consider to be the future of finance. The frequent use of our smart trading assistant will provide insights regarding the basic principles of cryptocurrency trading.

The Taylor Crypto Academy

We don’t want our subscribers to rely solely on us in order to be able to navigate the cryptocurrency field. The trading assistant app is a tool to assist in this navigation. The Taylor Crypto Academy, on the other hand, will allow our users to become the captain of their own crypto ships.

Currently, we are putting together a comprehensive curriculum curated and taught by household names in the cryptocurrency industry. Lectures will cover the most basic principles of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, technical analysis, all the way to advanced trading strategies. For more in-depth information regarding the curriculum of the courses and its accessibility check out our Taylor Academy announcement article.

We are, at the moment, at the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more explore as we dive into the possibility waters. The Taylor smart trading assistant app, combined with the courses from the Taylor Crypto Academy, will empower new players in the cryptocurrency game to become well informed and independent cryptocurrency traders.

But this is just the beginning, stay tuned for more!

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