Think You are Missing Out? Why it’s not late to enter the Crypto World

My Intern experience in Crypto Trading from the Scratch

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Thales, Taylor Customer Success Specialist, and an 18-year-old. Since I started working for Taylor, I realized it was a whole new ballgame I had entered. I noticed my knowledge over cryptocurrency was minimal compared to what the subject had to offer. Nevertheless, I quickly realized there was still a long way of studies to go on for this, yet, not so bright world, before this novelty in the financial system could reach its full potential.


The plot

I got the chance to meet a few influential people in the field and observed in many contexts a unanimous comment over the technology behind cryptocurrencies that allow them to be traded — “This thing is revolutionary.”

On the other hand, people who did not know much about cryptocurrencies also had a common saying about it — Oh! So you work on bitcoin, right? I wish I had invested in it during the early stages, people who did are loaded now”.

Soonly enough I observed that people without knowledge about it only wanted to get rich magically. For outsiders, it seemed to be a way to earn easy and quick money. You invest a certain amount and voilá, in a matter of a couple of months or even days you double your money! As obvious as it seems, as much I tried to learn more about it, more information arrived, and my mind got full of concepts which I did not know where to apply. That’s when I came to realize how significant was what Taylor was doing. Such as me, what new players entering the crypto game many times don’t realize is that there is a considerable learning curve regarding how cryptocurrency markets and blockchain technology works.

The Problem

Indisputably, cryptocurrencies and the technology behind of it have its learning curve, and it is a steep one. It is not easy to come to understand how things work properly without a bunch of researches and months committed to learning it.

Due to the lack of better understanding, many will believe that they have “missed the boat” considering the value of cryptocurrencies today compared to a few years ago. Nothing could be further from the truth!


Once I was invited by our CEO, Fabio Seixas, for a class he had been asked to lecture at the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio, where I am a Law student; I had the impression, as soon I arrived at his class that I knew much or everything he was about to say. To my surprise, it was pure new knowledge. He didn’t present cryptocurrencies as a way of investment but as a new concept I not yet knew. I knew that blockchain technology was impressive and fascinating, but I didn’t have the perspective it was about to disrupt the financial system and the world. Later on, I discovered as well it’s further potential which is not only to decentralize finance but also to facilitate data communication all over the world! That was when I got even more interested in the subject.

As part of Fabio’s lecture in the Class, he explained Coinbase’s Master Plan: Their plan consists of 4 steps and they intend to “bring about more economic freedom, innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity in the world.” The Steps are the Following: Develop the protocol, Build a digital currency exchange, Build a consumer interface for digital currency apps and finally, Build the apps of an open financial system.

The evolution of two open networks (the internet and digital currency). (Image source:

As I heard that I carefully took some notes to make my own research of how they would do that, and, surprisingly, I found out they are actually stepping forward into the third phase already. Yes, half of the way has been already traced, I thought — Things are moving fast, I better catch up.

It was a milestone for me and my process of learning. I engaged all the spare time I had trying to absorb all the information that came to me; I truly committed myself to it.


My intention with this article goes beyond of only let people know that it is not too late to get involved with cryptocurrencies but to make them realize like I did, that we are witnessing the most significant development in computer science since the invention of the Internet. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, within a few years, will completely change life as we know today. The possibilities are endless, and the truth is that is not too late to get involved, in fact, the time is now!

Undoubtedly, blockchain is treated as one of the greatest technologies invented for finance, and from such a positive response from its functionalities in the field, it already started to be used in other matters and different purposes nowadays.

Hence, even though it’s easy to become intimidated by a complete shift in the common financial wisdom we are used to and dependent on and take the easy path by investing some money in it and hope for the best, crypto is definitely going to turn out as the future of economics and finance in the whole world. Maybe it won’t be such as we know. Nevertheless, the begin of this new era has started, and I beg to say but… it’s revolutionary.