🤠 There’s a new sheriff in town — VAST 4.2!

Original Publication Date: June 9, 2020

Howdy smartx-ers,

While y’all were cozy sleeping in your bed, we were out in the Adtech Wild West, rounding up support for the IAB’s latest VAST standard, while listenin’ to some original western classics!

Rare collectors’ album!

There’s a new sheriff in town…

We reckon you heard about the new sheriff in town, VAST 4.2. It’s the latest and greatest IAB standard keeping the Adtech Wild West up to date with brand safety and ad verification support. The fourth version of the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST 4) is the latest IAB standard. We already support VAST 4 for IO campaigns, and now, we’ve added VAST 4 for RTB deals to the list. Heck, that just dills my pickle!

Since the original release of VAST 4.0, the IAB has introduced 2 additional versions: VAST 4.1 and VAST 4.2. Each of these versions include several changes and updates since the original VAST 4, so it’s imperative that we support all versions: 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2. Now, once the publisher’s player declares VAST 4 in the ad request, we will send the relevant VAST 4 protocols in a bid request to DSPs and validate the bid response accordingly. Y’all can be rest assured that our SSP can handle all versions of VAST 4. Ain’t that somethin’!

That’s not all, folks!

This here Adtech Wild West is a complex landscape 🌵. Stay tuned for our next update when we promote the conversion of all VPAID inventory in our ecosystem to VAST 4.X. This will make it possible to support viewability measurements on non-VPAID inventory, giving the Adtech Wild West more transparency and stability than ever before! Holy moly!

Yours in smartx updates that make users happier than a pig in slop 🐷,

smartclip Product Marketing Team




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smartclip Product Marketing

smartclip Product Marketing

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