Mobile DApp Browsers — Reviewed and Compared

At this point in time when there is a handful of well-crafted DApp browsers competing with each other for users, telling which one suits you best is like choosing between Chrome, Opera and Mozilla ten years ago — remember how people would argue which one is better? Well, there is a similar ongoing debate about DApp browsers in the crypto-community — the song kind of remains the same, though the subject matter is different.

In this article we will try to give a short review of three popular mobile browsers allowing to interact with DApps on Ethereum, identify their strengths and weaknesses and perhaps pick out the best one from the point of our personal user experience.

1. Status

One of these projects who somehow manage to carry out a top-notch ICO. Although still in the beta stage of development, this one seems to have satisfy the requirement of functional completeness: Status operates both as a wallet, a messenger and a browser; the interface is pretty intuitive and the whole thing is relatively easy to set up. The “Discover” button allows to navigate through not only DApps, but also public chats, which seems like a cool feature. It’s really interesting what features will appear in release version, but there is no other way than wait to find this out.

And yeah, the way these guys run their Wiki is simply awesome — you can’t get any cuter than that.

2. Trust

Recently acquired by Binance, Trust operates as a wallet and a DApp navigator; the interface and overall design can be best described as “simplistic”, which is actually a good thing; given the fact that most users are usually not familiar with how DApp browsers work, simplicity could be a crucial competitive advantage. Interaction with the wallet is also a smooth sailing — after a one-minute setup you’ll be trading your CryptoKitties like crazy.

No complaints about this one on our side, although some users complain that the Russian version of app is poorly translated, which obviously ruins user experience since it’s impossible to switch between languages. So hey, get this done right! But really, apart from some minor problems, this one is a piece of cake — the amount of positive reviews on the AppStore is the best proof of that.

3. Cipher

Same as the previous app, Cipher is both wallet and DApp browser; in fact, on the first glance, it’s seems identical to Trust from the point of functionality, apart from certain design decisions. It really feels the same! On the other hand, taking into consideration that Coinbase has acquired Cipher promising to merge many of its features with Toshi, we will perhaps be able to tell the difference between this browser and Trust in the near future.

All three browsers turned out to be almost identical in terms of basic functionality, with Status having more emphasis on the messanger-ish side of things. So we guess it’s up to you which one to go with.

Any thoughts on this one you’d like to share? You can do it in our chat in Telegram! More will follow — stay tuned.