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Smashverse — everything you need to know!

In the last 5 years Battle Royal games have dominated gaming.

We have witnessed the rise of some of the most iconic games in history such as Fortnite and PUBG, attracting hundreds of millions of players each day.

In an even shorter timespan, the world has seen the explosion of web3 gaming and the creation of new paradigms such as decentralized asset ownership and identity.

Smashverse will merge both — the battle royal genre and powerful web3 applications — to create a new era of gaming.

Smashverse is a next generation battle royal game with melee combat and player ownership at its core.

The game will deliver unparalleled fun to players through high velocity melee combat taking place in exciting and action triggering environments.

Players can participate in 1v1 and 2v2 battles or full blown battle royal matches with up to 30 players fighting till the last man standing.

Smashverse offers a deep variety of fighter archetypes inspired by well known and historically relevant martial arts.

Each player will be placed in a league where they can climb the ranks to become the Smashverse Championship Belt holder.

Seasonal tournaments will be hosted providing players with an exciting esports experience that’ll see them compete for rewards and rare items.

Smashverse will launch on PC first with console and mobile targeted

Smashverse Titan’s are a 15,000 collection of 3D, fully rigged, metaverse ready assets - built to work in Unreal 5 by some of the best 3D artists in the world.

It has been our mission from day 1 to develop NFTs that are not only game ready assets, but also PFP worthy assets.

Creating fully rigged 3D assets requires an immense amount of upfront work — one we’ll save the details of for another article — regardless of the challenge, we were determined to do it.

Why? Because we wanted to be results driven. Not promises driven.

Each Titan was handcrafted by our 15+ team of video game artists

Titan’s were designed and customised from the ground up — starting from 2D concepts and then converted to high-poly 3D assets with varying body types, clothing sets, faces and hairstyles.

All Titan’s are 3D, fully rigged, Unreal 5 ready assets

These 3D assets can be used within Smashverse and can be ported to other games and even metaverses.

Titan’s are fully customizable by players with new clothes and accessories being dropped every season.

We haven’t taken any shortcuts with our art and have textured Titan’s right down to the veins in their eyes.

Collectively we’ve witnessed the fundamental shift web3 has driven with respect to digital ownership, identity and self expression. The concept of online identities has been transformed with NFTs becoming the first truly digitally native identity.

At Smashverse, we promised to push the boundaries of digital self-expression and have created the world’s first socially-connected NFTs — SNFTs.

Each Titan NFT has its own Twitter account that is tied to the actual NFT. If the NFTs transfers ownership, so does access to the Twitter account.

SNFTs empower holders to create and build their digital brand in ways never before seen. By combining social accounts with the NFT itself we unlock owners to be the driving force behind the value of their SNFT.

We envision a world where two SNFTs with very similar traits are valued differently due to one having more reach or social history than the other. SNFTs are the future of web3 social and gaming and we’re excited to be the first to launch them.

Smashverse SNFT Portal which holders of Titan’s have access to

We are a fully doxed all star 40+ team composed of top artists, games industry devs and web3 natives.

Together we have:

➡️ Shipped 44 games to market generating 75m+ downloads

➡️ Our last 10 games have had an average metacritic score of 80%+

➡️ Generated $15bn in revenue through game and SaaS sales

💡 Founder — Bootstrapped his last startup from 2 to 30 staff + over $6m in revenue across 5-years | River Tamoor Baig —

👾 VP of Studios — Former Dev Director for Battlefield 1 + V, Star Wars Battlefront 1 + 2, Need for Speed Series | Jack Griffin —

⚙️ COO — Product leader at Vungle managing all major data science products. | Julian Osterwalder —

🤖 CTO — Built Samsung fitness app with 5 million downloads and managed 40 person dev team at a leading fintech company | Timo Tuominen —

🦾 Tech Director — Led the system architecture for CryEngine. Shipped several MMORPGs and MOBAs

🤼‍♂️ VP of Licensing — Worked at WWE for 15 years as the Vice President of Video Game Licensing



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