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Antidote on their mission to redefine clinical trials

Following their latest funding round, Antidote continue to grow and develop their trial matching platform with the aim of making clinical trials both more accessible and efficient. In the article below, Antidote discuss how they’re building an Ecosystem for the future of Medical Research and redefining clinical trials.

There’s a big problem in medical research today: Over 80% of clinical studies are delayed due to lack of patient participation and at the same time, it’s difficult for patients to find studies for which they qualify. People have an easier time finding a soulmate on the internet than a clinical trial match. And yet, to quote ALS patient Eric Valor, “Clinical trials represent life. Period.” There can be no breakthroughs, no new treatments or cures without people taking part in research.

A key reason for this problem is unstructured clinical trial eligibility criteria. Today, clinical trial eligibility criteria are published in free-form text format to public registries, such as This makes matching patients to clinical trials with any degree of precision virtually impossible.

That’s why Antidote has developed Antidote Match, the first trial matching platform that uses structured eligibility criteria, proprietary algorithms and machine learning to explore a patient’s eligibility for every trial. Patients can answer a handful of questions about their health and the Match engine will traverse thousands of clinical trials to provide the right studies in their neighbourhood.

Match can be easily added to any website as a search engine iframe. Antidote launched with our first large partner, JDRF, in June of 2016 and currently powers clinical trial search for 185+ patient communities and health portals — such as Healthline, Lung Cancer Alliance, and National Kidney Fund — bringing clinical trial awareness, matching and access to more than 15 million patients a month. Here’s what one of our partners had to say:

“At MSAA, we recognise the importance of having resources and information available to help the MS community,” said Gina Ross Murdoch, President and CEO, MSAA. “We also recognise the urgency involved in matching interested individuals with appropriate clinical trials to expedite MS research. We are proud to provide vital support services to individuals with MS and we are thrilled to add the Antidote Match search tool to our offerings.”

This year, we’ve made the Match platform accessible to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with Match API, a web and mobile app layer that allows any organisation to match patients to a portfolio or programme of trials and build insights along the way.

Allowing patients to match to trials quickly and easily on websites that they trust is the first step. Next, we’re providing Real World Data (RWD) collected from Match to help researchers design trials around real populations of patients.

Antidote is gaining critical mass. We’ve structured data for more than 14,000 trials, and we’re piloting Antidote Base, a SaaS that enables research sites to connect directly with eligible patients. We were thrilled to announce an $11M round of funding last week, which will allow us to accelerate new capabilities and expand globally.

In addition, we were honoured to be an Executive Sponsor at last week’s 7th Annual DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials conference in Boston, where Antidote Founder and CEO Pablo Graiver discussed the evolution of patient engagement with clinical trials and the growing necessity for a whole new approach.

We’re on a mission to transform medical research and the way patients connect to it. It’s a global effort that affects us all. Help accelerate medical research today, and find your clinical trial match.



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