Why Infinity is driving a customer centric growth strategy

Sophie Day
Smedvig Ventures
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2 min readOct 31, 2017


Following a £10 million round of investment from Smedvig Capital in late 2016, Infinity’s priority was to build a world-class customer success team for their call intelligence clients. Why was this the first step and how has it impacted other areas of their growth? In the article below, Infinity tell us why this customer-centric approach was critical.

Look after the customer and everything else follows. It’s a simple maxim, but one that’s easy to lose sight of when constantly chasing the next big sale to meet aggressive growth targets.

To make sure we never lost focus as a business, our immediate mission when we received funding to expedite our expansion was to build a customer success team in both the UK and US. This was in addition to our existing on-boarding and support efforts and made it plain to our clients that we were serious about the quality of our long-term partnerships. But why was this extra level necessary?

For an enterprise company their challenges and opportunities are often too complex for a template approach. A close level of understanding and cooperation is required to unlock the solution to these challenges and identify the strategy needed to grow. From the very beginning of the relationship, our customer success team is aligned with our enterprise clients’ KPIs to ensure that we’re not just solving problems, we’re building their business.

The customer success team takes the tactics our clients need to succeed today and adds a path to the achievements to make tomorrow. Nobody else is offering this level of strategic partnership, meaning our clients stand apart from their competitors and so do we.

One year in, the business benefits of this approach are evident. Our premium client retention rates are world class, we have attracted highly experienced professionals from enterprise tech organisations and we are frequently finding that our attention to the customer’s challenges is a key differentiator in driving new business. Therefore, when we opened our San Francisco office last month, moving a customer success team in to serve our enterprise customers on the West Coast was the first thing we did.

It has solidified our view that meaningful customer centricity is the bedrock for growing all other aspects of our business. It’s lead to other improvements in our product development, marketing relevance and sales processes. We believe it’s vital that this attitude pervades everything we do and the advantages are felt by both our customers and ourselves.

If you provide support or generate sales via the phone, you need to know where those calls are coming from and how to make each call better. Start a conversation with Infinity today to see how dedicated we are to your success.