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Clip King of Spring 2022

Do you have a collection of hilarious clips on your hard drive? Ever wanted to be recognized for your most badass moments?

Smerf is proud to introduce the Smerf Clip King of Spring 2022 contest! Smerf members can submit clips in our app that will be voted on by the Smerf team and Smerf Community to decide who has posted the most entertaining clip of Spring 2022.

The event will run roughly from April until the end of Spring in June. Submitted clips will be curated by the Smerf team based on their engagement and entertainment factors like comedy and clutch factor or skill-on-display.

Once the top clips have been selected by the team, they will be voted on by the Smerf community at large and the winner with the most votes as well as 2 runner-ups will be forever immortalized as the Clip Kings of Spring 2022.

Criteria for clips are as follows:

  • Clip must be recorded by you.
  • You can submit as many clips as you like. Clips can be from Twitch.
  • Clips must be submitted in-app and tagged to the event
  • Can be from any game — Among Us,, VALORANT, WoW, etc.
  • Doesn’t have to be a recording of your play — can be an enemy or ally.
  • Can be focused on the video or audio content — such as voice comms.
  • We want to keep the competition open to as many people as possible. Your clips cannot be heavily cut and edited between many clips, effects, and audio samples. But minor edits are allowed on a case-by-case basis, such as cutting out large unnecessary blocks of time between the action in a single clip.
  • If multiples of the same clip are uploaded by different people (from the same match, for example) only the first uploaded will be counted.
  • Screenshots are accepted but less likely to be as engaging as a video clip.

The winners will have their clips featured in on the home screen of the Smerf app as well as across other official Smerf social channels. There will also be a special surprise award for each of the winners.

If you do not have access to the Smerf App on iOS or Android at this time:

  • Join the Smerf discord: here
  • Once verified, DM [smerf]Honeygo for access to the app.
  • Once you have access, additional details will be pinned into the private #clipking channel.

Hope to see you there. Good Luck Have Fun™

-The Smerf Team



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