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Smerf is Expanding!

It’s time for us to grow. Join us!

Smerf is a technology startup building innovative solutions to change the way people play video games. Today we are happy to announce that Smerf is seeking to expand our core team as we enter this new chapter in our company’s journey.

Who We Are

We’re a team of experienced professionals that love games. As members of that team, supporting each other is the very essence of Smerf, and we make a conscious effort to bring creativity and curiosity to everything we do to support millions of gamers on our platform as we work closely with some of the largest AAA studios in the world.

We regularly play new games together, thanks to a monthly stipend, and often take time away from work to get together and watch esports tournaments and other gaming events. If that sounds good to you, and you think you’d make a great addition to the team, we’d love it if you reached out.

Become A Member of the Team

We’re looking for friendly, positive, social individuals that are able to take ownership and pride in their work, have an unparalleled attention to detail, and have a tendency to be ambitious in every project they take on — big or small.

Other key traits we’re looking for are that you are product oriented, comfortable interfacing directly with partners, and self-motivated to create the best possible product.

We will be opening positions in several departments:

  • Product Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Business Development and Partnerships Team
  • Event Planning Team

We will be posting specific job listings shortly but are always open to receiving CV’s. Please email with your resume and cover letter. Please also tell us a bit about yourself, what your favorite games are, and why you think they’re so great.

Keep an eye on the Smerf LinkedIn for positions being posted.



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