SMG Technologies Partners with Wynnum Manly Seagulls RLFC with Revolutionary Baseline Platform

September 30, 2016 by Vikki O’Shannessey

SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) is excited to officially announce the Wynnum Manly Seagulls RLFC will use its leading Baseline software.

Baseline provides Wynnum Manly management with a centralised training, performance and welfare solution. The software platform maximises valuable resources in people time and also the investments made in other sports products, wearable devices, GPS units or spreadsheets as these can easily now be consolidated into one location. The ability to upload video files, medical and the individual reports is invaluable.

The Communication portal is fundamental to seamless team administration and allows for one centre for calendar scheduling and group messaging, therefore no additional tools are required, again all in one platform.

The Baseline platform is designed to help maximise visibility around patterns of athlete performance, with the ultimate goal of keeping athletes playing at their best. It also allows coaches and support staff to tackle the demands of team management, whilst providing a predictive model to protect athletes from potential injury. Wynnum Manly staff and athletes also have access to the mobile app — allowing for not only group communication and file sharing but also to the injury, wellness and mental health tool. Offering access to over 24 variables that track daily stress, sleep and physical metrics, Baseline delivers personalised insights into each athlete and allows behavioural trends, surveillance, triage and many other critical variables to be measured and managed –in real time.

The team athletes are also now protected and supported with injury and concussion management, physiotherapy reports, sports medicine and strength and conditioning tools.

Vikki O’Shannessey
Chief Marketing Officer

Vikki is a vastly experienced marketing practitioner with 25 years of working with global, industry-leading technology corporations in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Vikki brings to SMG Technologies a track record of accomplishment in planning and delivering integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns and is instrumental in shaping the business’ strategic direction, corporate partnerships and new business acquisition.