Starting from nothing and building an empire

The trajectory of a similar platform Airbnb

Efuet And. Atem @ Microsoft Experience ’17 Paris

Smile in difficulties, this is the most precious advice that this opus, written by Efuet, gives us. Starting from nothing and building an empire is the dream of many ambitious entrepreneurs. A dream that for most of them is not really fulfilled on the scale they would have imagined.




Via an entrepreneurial venture, And embarks on a perilous journey to help people choose happiness. He faces challenging vicissitudes when his own happiness is put to the test. Can he practise what he preaches or will he give up in the face of extreme hardships and tribulations?

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Efuet Atem

Efuet Atem

Passionate about creating value in the society around me, I strive for a greater good for mankind. CEO World like Home & author of Smiling in Hardships.

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