The misunderstood — the story of the entrepreneur!

Steve Jobs

The entrepreneur is at the origin of the creation of an economic activity. He or she has the skills and motivation needed to create an economic activity — thereby creating jobs. The entrepreneur is characterized by — a strong involvement in his project, an important material and moral investment, a personality marked by natural leadership. Isn’t it all so beautiful? It is so beautifully said it gives…




Via an entrepreneurial venture, And embarks on a perilous journey to help people choose happiness. He faces challenging vicissitudes when his own happiness is put to the test. Can he practise what he preaches or will he give up in the face of extreme hardships and tribulations?

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Efuet Atem

Efuet Atem

Passionate about creating value in the society around me, I strive for a greater good for mankind. CEO World like Home & author of Smiling in Hardships.

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