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Smilo explained — Problem & solution

In the ‘Smilo explained’ series we will explain the technology and choices that define the Smilo Platform in an accessible way. In this article of Smilo explained we are going to elaborate on a problem which many businesses, governments, and non-profit organisations currently face. Furthermore, we will also explain the solution provided by Smilo.

What is the problem?

Individuals have become the moral gatekeepers in society, largely thanks to the global access to information, and a societal shift towards accountability and transparency. With this movement, individuals have started to shift the balance of influence in their favour, and away from businesses, governments, and non-profit organisations.

Thus, the challenge for these entities is to adapt and facilitate this increasingly demanding public in terms of speed of delivery, level of integration, sustainability, privacy, and security. Click here for an example.

How is Smilo going to solve it?

In light of these developments, we identified the need for a hybrid blockchain platform that provides these public entities the right tools to reaffirm their relationship with its stakeholders, warranting transparency whilst protecting the individual’s personal data.

What is needed, is an open source, hybrid blockchain based computing platform. A platform featuring hybrid transactions, hybrid smart contracts and hybrid decentralised applications. This is where the Smilo Platform comes into play.

Smilo combines the public and private features of the blockchain within its core. Through our unique Smilo BFT+ protocol, we will be able to offer this above integration of public and private in a sustainable (no mining), secure, scalable and super fast way. We call this a hybrid blockchain platform with a conscience!


Smilo platform is developing a complete blockchain solution for enterprises, public organisations and our community through hybrid transactions, hybrid smart contracts, and hybrid decentralised applications — with ‘hybrid’ referring to both public and private. This will be accomplished by implementing our unique Smilo BFT+ protocol to facilitate fast, scalable, secure and sustainable hybrid transactions.

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