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Smilo, offering full control over your personal data

Selected by Startup Delta to represent the Netherlands as one of Holland’s leading blockchain innovators, Smilo will be presenting their unique blockchain solution for privacy and transparency compliance at the Holland Pavilion at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. As it is a platform keeping the GDPR regulations in mind, the potential consumer use cases using the platform as a backbone are endless.

Through Smilo’s highly secure private smart contracts on its decentralized blockchain, individuals will remain in full control of their personal data in their interactions with public and private organizations. This will allow organizations to offer their clients, citizens or users full privacy of their data while offering the increasingly required transparency in return. All this built on a next generation blockchain that is extraordinary fast, secure and scalable and because transactions on the Smilo platform are virtually free there is also no financial barrier for any organization that wants to improve their client interaction, trust and reputation.

Smilo will be at the CES 2019 to connect with new partnerships to develop relevant use cases in the fields of governments, NGO’s, banking, healthcare, insurance, commercial data storage, digital identities, gaming, as well as connecting with investors, tech talent and media partners to accelerate its growth and enhance the exposure of this hidden gem in blockchain technology.

Make sure to visit the Smilo stand where you will be able to witness a live demo of a groundbreaking digital identity use case at the; Holland Tech Square: Sands, Hall G, 51725, booth # 15.

Mentioned in the following Dutch articles & translated by Smilo;


Seven Overijssels start-ups to Las Vegas, the largest technology exhibition of the world!

Seven start-ups from Overijssel will travel to Las Vegas to present their company on CES 2019, the largest technology exhibition of the world. They are a part of the delegation of 50 start-ups representing the Netherlands.

The selected start-ups are; 20Face, Swipeguide, Scalys, Studio X, DEN Smart Home, Smilo en Sound Energy. Mike Verkouter and Sven Degener of Novel-T travel along to represent the Twentse high tech ecosystem and making contacts.

“We expect between 180.000 and 200.000 visitors on the exhibition”,says Verkouter. “We’re proud of all the Dutch companies present in Las Vegas and that a significant number is from Overijssel”.

From the 8th till the 12th of January, Las Vegas will color bright orange with the arrival of startup-prince Constantijn, State Secretary Mona Keijzer and 50 Dutch startups in their wake, which will showcase their innovations to a worldwide public on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, the largest technology exhibition of the world.

After the successful delegation of 2018, where Dutch entrepreneurs received a lot of attention, it is time for a rendez-vous in the famous city of Las Vegas. With this delegation, Prince Constantijn will visit the tech exhibition CES and like the previous years, Sprout will report from the exhibition.

- HealthTech & MedTech -

Cloud Solution for MRI-analyses to speed up and improve the decision process making by doctors.

Breath in Balanz​
Hardware and application that gives feedback to the breathing pattern of their users, to improve sleep and gain more energy for the day.

Mobile light therapy that improves the performance of sporters (athletes).

Crescent Tech
VR-camera system for surgeons.

Helps the treatment of skin aging and skin diseases by face recognition and AI-analysis.

Kepler Vision
Camera-software that recognises body posture.

Smart cuddle robot that helps users to fall asleep.

Lea Robot Care Systems
Smart caretaking robot meets futuristic walker; ‘Helps with daily exercises and is even an energetic dancing partner’.

The sensor of UVisio measures sunlight and gives advice based on skintype to use sunscreen on time.

Discovers heart diseases before the symptoms become visible.

- Robotica en drones -

Exoskeleton that protects the user against overburdening when lifting items.

Arm support that helps with repetitive or labor intensive tasks.

Drones For Work
Operating system for industrial drones that helps to prevents failures and crashes.

- Consumertech / Smart Home -

Software for 3D-product configuration in webshops.

Glance Clock
Smart wall clock with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT-connection.

House of Haptics
Brace with haptic feedback, when your partner touches it anywhere in the world, you will feel it as well.

Always-on camera system: click on record and it will save up till 10 seconds from the past.

E-mail marketing platform.

High resolution — 3D-product scanners.

Smart, open source speaker as alternative on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Audio Technologie that converts wireless music by vacuum tubes to an analog signal.

Automated report tool for videodata.

Helps elderly and children to tackle game and screen addiction in an interactive way.

Nifty translating machine, also Sprout’s Startup of the year 2017.

Industrial applications for augmented reality.

Absolute Audio Labs
Personalised audio-experience.

DEN Smart Home
Smart lock to lock or unlock residences.
Enterprise-solutions & IoT

Seal Network
Blockchain solution which helps preventing fake products.

Hardware that measures who is where in the house.

Connects smart devices to online services.

Advanced router that secures home networks against cyber attacks.

Delivers software for digital signatures.

- SportsTech -

Recognises the position of objects in buildings.

Personal football tracker that gives insight in the strengths and weaknesses of players.

- AI / Blockchain -

Hybrid blockchain platform for smart contracts.

AI-platform that makes it easier to train and implement algorithms.

Decentralized network for A.I. applications.

Trades automatically in different cryptocurrencies.

Real-time-solution to recognise attacks on financial systems.

Advanced face recognition.

- Circulaire economie & smart cities -

Communication protocol for the circular economy.

Cooling technology without electricity or gas.

Solution for sustainable living.

Urban Mobility Systems
Electric light weight autonomous vehicles.

- Edtech -

Learn with the help of AR and VR.

- Smart Mobility -

Worldwide secure WiFi-hotspots.

Smart scooter

Worlds first flying car.

- AR / VR -

Tiled media
High resolution video distribution for virtual reality.

Studio X
Creation and animation of (interactive) 3D-experiences.

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