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Elixr Coffee Packaging

L: Original Logo | R: Updated Logo

The same but different.

Treehouse Box (Photo Ian Shiver)

Tiny delights.

Beekeeper Box (Photo Ian Shiver)
Elixr’s center city location.
Elixr’s Center City Shop
A set of stacked Elixr coffee boxes.
Stack ’Em (Photo Ian Shiver)
DaVinci Code Cryptex
Interior Frosted Bag (Photo Ian Shiver)

The anti-coffee snob system.

Blend Buds (Photo Ian Shiver)
Single Origin Label Template

Sticker Illustration Style.

Queen Bee (Animation by James Dybvig)
Sticker Labels (El Injerto Illustration by Nate Harris)
The Original Trio (Photo Ian Shiver)
Queen Bee Stamp
L: Bee Stamp | R: Bee Shirt

The Lunar Lander.

Lunar Lander Floating in Space (Photo Ian Shiver)
Lunar Lander Pullover

We won a Design Lab Award.

Proof that I exist.

Where are they now?

New New Packaging

A 5LB disaster.

Lil bonus poster.

Thank you, the end.

Elixr’s Callowhill Shop



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