Latest poll shows trouble for Prop 64

SmithJohnson Research recently conducted a poll on Proposition 64, the latest attempt at marijuana legalization. First ballot numbers show the measure enjoys a 56–40 lead in favor of passage. Respondents then heard the opponents’ claim, which will be in the ballot pamphlets mailed out to voters, that Prop 64 means marijuana smoking ads could appear on primetime TV shows like The Big Bang Theory or The Voice. In light of this information only 43% support the measure and 52% oppose it.

The poll followed a ruling by the Sacramento Superior Court that Proposition 64 opponents could include arguments outlining the possibility of television ads promoting marijuana smoking and edibles.

Our memo on the findings breaks down the migration among the demographic/psychographic groups that moved the most. You can read it here.

The survey of 500 likely California voters was conducted August 17–19,2016 via live interviews on land line and cell phones. This sample size yields a sampling error of +/-4.4%.

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