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Smith’s Tarot

Six of Wands — Smith’s Tarot

The victor is crowned and given newfound hope through proper recognition.

Six of Wands — Smith’s Tarot. Illustration and design by author. Page size: 8.5 x 11". Canvas size: 120mm x 70mm on Southworth archive-quality paper. Inked with PandaFly precision microline pens. Sketched with Blackwing pencils. Shaded with a blending stump. The process before scanning is entirely analog.

Six of Wands depicts a victor triumphing, and represents great news — recognition by stately figures. Fulfillment of desires.

Marseilles Tarot speaks of collaboration with this card. Could also signify a strong alliance between two parties with different goals but common present interests.

Finally, a taste of luxury is made possible by favorable conditions.



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