Art Jewels has a winner!

The winning design in Art Jewels: ‘Melancholy’ necklace by 3different

Summer came and went and in the meantime, the team behind Art Jewels have been hard at work going through the +250 entries to the jewelry design contest and electing a winner.

On 14 July we announced the winner and four runners up on the Shapeways blog. Now it’s time to take stock of the election process and share some of the deliberations that went into the jury’s work.

When Shapeways and SMK Open set out to plan the contest this spring, it was a first for both of us. Art Jewels has been an exciting experiment to explore some of the creative and business development potentials in open access and free re-use of digitised art collections. The first thing we did was to define what we hoped to achieve with this collaborative experiment between a museum, a 3D print platform, and a community of excellent designers:

• Raise awareness about SMK’s open public domain collections

• Explore the creative and business potentials in freely available digitized art collections

• Create tangible benefits for designers in reusing digitized cultural heritage for new creative production

Once we reached the deadline for submissions and had received all the amazing designs, the jury’s work could begin. The jury was made up of experts in the different professions involved in the contest — from jewelry designers and 3D specialists to representatives from the SMK curatorial department and museum shop (meet the jury by scrolling down on this page). The jury based its deliberations and voting on the following criteria:
Connection between design and original artwork
How does the design respond to the curated selection of SMK artworks? Does it interact with the original paintings? Does it seek out hidden details and interesting stories, and bring those to light in the design?

Design, craftmanship, and 3D printability
What are the aesthetic and craft qualities featured in the design? Is it original, different, surprising, functional, elegant…? And importantly, can it actually be 3D printed?

Wearability and marketability
How wearable is the design? Is it easy to imagine people wearing and using the jewelry? Is the design likely to appeal to customers on and in the SMK museum shop?

The jurors each brought their specific expertise to the table, and narrowing down the more than 250 submissions to a shortlist of favourites was a tough process. The ingenuity of the designs totally overwhelmed us, and we revelled in the fact that it was super hard to decide which one should be the winner.

In the end, we elected the ‘Melancholy’ necklace by 3different, which combines conceptual originality, design ingenuity, and elegance in one stunning piece. What really woved the jury was also how the design reflects on a key symbol in Cranach’s strange Melancholia painting from 1532, highlighting the meaning of the painting in a new and very cool way.

3different have ingeniously highlighted the source of their design in the original artwork by Lucas Cranach the Elder.
The ‘Melancholy’ necklace elegantly turns the artwork’s motif into an original and wearable piece which allows the wearer to play the game which is depicted in Cranach’s painting.

The winner and the four runners up will be printed, put on display at SMK, and sold in the museum shop as well as online in a featured SMK shop on Shapeways. We launch the winning display at a festive event at SMK Wednesday 25 October. Hope to see you all there!

But the real beauty of Art Jewels is that all the submitted designs are featured on Shapeways. So if you had a different winner than the jury you can go order it on in the material of your choice. Enjoy!

Join us at SMK for the festive launch of the Art Jewels winner and runners up Wednesday 25 October from 4–8pm.