Remix by Young People’s Art Lab (ULK)

Creative re-use of SMK’s collections

How can we use our cultural heritage, when it’s available for free in a digital format?

A big part of SMK’s collection is in Public Domain and can thus be used freely as raw material in new artistic contexts without the permission from the museum or anyone else.

For example the artworks can be used to create collages, videos and animations. They can be printed as posters, on t-shirts, postcards and coffee cups, used for publications, presentations and education, and they can be remixed in order to create new works of art. Read more about the use of free artworks and download them here.

Here we have listed a couple of examples of what happens when art from SMK is in the hands of creative users:

  • The Fall of the Titans, 1588–1590, by Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem, printed on canvas and displayed in a private home via @luscofusco on Instagram
  • SMK at the City Fence (Byens Hegn)

As embellishment of the Metro fence in Copenhagen the Young People’s Art Lab (Unges Laboratorier for Kunst — ULK) remixed several works from the museum adding beauty to an otherwise messy construction site. Read more at:

Work by Young People’s Art Lab (ULK) from SMK. Frederik’s Church (The Marble Church), Juli 2013. Photo by: Frida Gregersen
Remix by Young People’s Art Lab (ULK)
  • Young People’s Art Lab (ULK) has also helped decorate the fixing room The Cloud (Skyen) in Copenhagen. Skyen is a space for people who suffer from drug abuse and ULK in close collaboration with Skyen’s users, used art from SMK’s collection to create a space that brought forth positive memories from childhood as well as their favorite places.
Remix by Young People’s Art Lab (ULK)
  • B&M Images have used free works from SMK’s collection to create a series of Art Pillows and Lamps. You can see more examples at:
Christen Købke wall lamp purchase here.
A Cornelius Gijsbrechts pillow purchase here
  • A more classic example of graphic editing of an art work from the collection by the Danish artist Bjarne Witthoff of Nicolai Abildgaards ‘The Wounded Philoctetes’, 1775 found on Witthoff’s Google+ account.
From Bjarne Witthoff’s Google+ Account

As a part of the exhibiton Mix It up! at SMK several artists were invited to remix works from our open collections. Below we have gathered a few examples of the creative remixes by artists Jamie Seaboch and Filip Vest. You can read more about the exhibition and artists here.

  • Collage by Jamie Seaboch / EyeQ Innovations
Jamie Seaboch / EyeQ Innovations, Digital collage CC BY-SA 4.0 See website for more.
  • Collage with skies from SMK’s collection by Danish artist Filip Vest.
Filip Vest, 22 Skies, 2015 CC BY-SA 4.0, Photo: Jonas Smith.
  • The most recent addition to the open digital collection is 3D scans of 7 sculptures, that are now available for free download and use. They had been available for a week and here’s already an example of a great green 3D print by one of our users:
Peter-Martin’s Twitter account

· Another example by Neonbyte using 3D scans of the sculpture
‘Diskoskasteren’ (the discus thrower).

Created by Neonbyte

Using 3D-casts artist duo Nuleinn and artist Oskar Jakobsen created a video for SMK Fridays.

Video by artist duo Nuleinn & artist Oskar Jakobsen

Follow along here as the list will be continued with the addition of future projects.