but then again, people’s hearts aren’t usually that strong…”

east ikebukuro. fujiki building, second floor.

a colorful star-themed coffee shop that spread constellations over the furniture and displayed a far-reaching view of ikebukuro through a panoramic window.

a black haired boy that leant against the glass and glanced above shoulders, warily watching the overcrowded streets below.

a blonde boy that found his way among people and shut his hands into fists, angrily muttering to himself as he walked.

heiwajima shizuo walked and walked. walked all his way home completely unaware of his forgotten cellphone.

orihara izaya watched and watched. watched the monster among his humans and pressed heiwajima’s cellphone against his lips.

milky way cafe, 3pm. if you name three of the brightest stars, you’ll get your kiss~, last message sent to tsugaru.

i’ll be there. but, psyche, is your challenge this easy on purpose?, were the words blinking as sent at the screen of the cellphone shizuo dropped as he left.

orihara izaya watched and watched, unable to hear the waitress’ advice to not lean against the window.

he could only hear the appealing words tsugaru always had to say. he heard the curiosity announced by every quid pro quo they played. heard the honesty declared through every compliment made. heard the embarrassment entwined with confessions that brought a pink flush to his cheeks.

orihara izaya heard and heard.

heard as every word brought him heiwajima shizuo’s hoarse voice.

heard as each one of the syllables that made him feel human —

—was said by the one he called a monster.

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