Enabling SMS Spam Filtering on iOS 11

For the last 3 months we have been working hard to create a new startup and release a brand new and exciting product called SMS Junk Filter, that uses a new feature that is being introduced in next generation of iPhone operating system: iOS 11.

If you have ever received a SMS spam text message on your phone, you are just part of the 84% of users worldwide that is affected by this growing problem. According to a report from the last year’s Mobile Ecosystem Forum, about 58% of mobile users receives unsolicited text messages between 1–3 times a week, with a whopping 28% of users receiving these pesky and annoying messages every single day.

source: MEF - Mobile Messaging Fraud Report 2016

It is a growing problem worldwide that is expected to get worst as SMS spammers have realized that text messages has an incredible high view/open rates compared to traditional email spam. With the lowering costs of cloud infrastructures and the ability to send mass SMS messages at cheap rates, it was a matter of time until this practice gets explored more and more by marketing spammers.

In reality, the SMS spam problem is not only limited to the fact that is annoying and everyone hates to receive them, often during the most inopportune times, but also the fact that this exposes a very serious security risk for mobile users: SMS Phishing or also known as “Smishing”.

SMS Phishing is a form of fraud that uses mobile phone SMS text messages, to lure victims into calling back a fraudulent phone number, visiting fraudulent Websites or downloading malicious content via phone or Web.

Our team background has always been in Cybersecurity, and we have worked on many award-winning products around Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware for both Windows and macOS operating systems, such as iHateSpam, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Vipre Antivirus, among others.

Products that we have created for different companies

Therefore, when we saw the opportunity during the keynote of WWDC 2017, we immediately jumped on it and decided to attack and fight back against SMS marketing and malicious spammers.

Not many tech journalists have found out that this is indeed a brand new feature of upcoming iOS 11, and it will have a huge impact for all iPhone users worlwide.

Similar to Ad-Blocking and Caller-Id apps, after installing our SMS Junk Filter app, there is one step necessary to be done in your Phone settings to allow access to our app so we are able to filter SMS messages right inside of the standard iPhone’s Messages app.

We have made a quick video tutorial that demonstrate the steps needed to enable SMS Filtering for the Messages app.

Once you have enabled SMS Filtering and given access to our SMS Junk Filter app, we start automatically filtering all of your SMS spam text messages and we move them to a brand new folder inside Messages called “SMS Junk”.

You can learn more about SMS Junk Filter app visiting our website at https://smsjunk.com