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TNG — growing and getting better!

TNG Times| Vol 1 Issue 2 | Updates from Sep 2020

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With feedback from Senior Data Associates (SDAs) on our previous initiatives, Talent and Growth (TNG) Department continued to bring more and improved opportunities to the SDAs in the month of Sep 2020. In the process, TNG and its initiatives just got bigger and better!

Highlights from Sep 2020

BIA League (Second Competition)

  • BIA League was a Kaggle Competition Series between Aug and Sep 2020.
  • The second competition was held from 29 Aug — 12 Sep 2020.
  • The participants had to classify sign-language images using semi-supervised classification.
  • The proud winners include: Tan Jia Yi Bernice (1st), Haodi Qi (2nd), and Hartanto Ario Widjaya (3rd).

Scroll below to the ‘Let’s Learn!’ section for some quick reads on different ML approaches and image classification.

External Projects

  • Throughout the year, TNG Team aims to roll-out project opportunities for our SDAs to work with external stakeholders and get necessary real-world experience on application of data science/ analytics concepts.
  • Our SDAs successfully completed a project with TrueVA, a management consulting firm, which was helping one of their clients with their finance, operation and customer data. The SDAs were involved in data processing, analysing, and modelling, as well as dashboarding visualisation.

Read what the team has to say about its experience:

Keep a look-out on ‘Our BIA Fambam’ telegram group as we bring to you more opportunities in future. Meanwhile, take a look at our past projects here.

Let’s learn!

This time TNG Times brings to you some resources related to the topic of semi-supervised classification — the topic of our second Kaggle Competition. We cover different ML approaches, classification, clustering, and their application to image classification. We also provide you a sneak peak into deep learning for image classification. We hope you find these resources useful!

On ML Approaches, Classification and Clustering

On Image Classification

Something Special

That’s it for this issue. Thanks for reading!

About TNG Times: TNG Times is a publication of the Talent and Growth (TNG) Team to keep our Senior Data Associates (SDAs) updated with the past and upcoming initiatives. We also share a few data science/ analytics resources that we think will be helpful and interesting. For any queries on the publication, reach out to TNG Director — Sanaya Mahajan.

About TNG: Talent and Growth (TNG) Department, a new department of the SMUBIA, started its journey in Mar 2020. Our aim is to bring exclusive opportunities (events and projects) to our Senior Data Associates (SDAs), that is, the Data Associates (DAs) who have graduated from our flagship Data Associate Programme (DAP). The people behind TNG include: Head of TNG, Wa Thone and five TNG Directors, Mak Jun Hao Kelionel, Neel Ketan Modha, Sanaya Mahajan, Tammi Chng and Yar Khine Phyo.




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