ASP.Net Core & Project Rider

Michał Smyk
Mar 1, 2016 · 1 min read

So, just a few days ago I installed ASP.Net Core using their tutorial for CoreOS 7 under Fedora. Good news — it works without any further issues (maybe except for the fact, that they forgotten to mention adding source ~/.dnx/dnvm/ to bash_profile). It went really smoothly, and I could even create new Visual Studio project using VS Code tutorial for creating projects, and it was working out-of box as well (using Yeoman for creating new ASP.Net projects is somehow weird solution in my opinion, but at least it works without any issues).

Running it out-of-box under Linux was also working fine. There weren’t any issues with running that code under Visual Studio 2015 later as well. Unfortunatelly it didn’t work the other way — project created in VS 2015 was not working under Linux, but maybe it will be resolved when I update DNVM under Windows.

And last news — I received access to beta version of Project Ryder, JetBrains IDE for C#, so probably in a few days I’ll provide some kind of review for it.

Originally published at on March 1, 2016.


Blog of Software Engineer from Wrocław, Poland

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