Hello Medium & 2019, Goodbye WordPress

Michał Smyk
Jan 2, 2019 · 2 min read

Here we go again!

I am starting this year from migrating my server from old OVH VPN to the new one, and in the meantime I have decided to do some clean-up on all the data that I stored on the old one (I probably don’t have to migrate all three years of data, so why not?)

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And as a first vicim fell my WordPress instance — as during last year I have decided to migrate some of my server services to external vendors (like FastMail instead of self-hosted Postfix using iRedMail), I have decided that time has come to also say goodbye to WordPress. Bigger platform makes it easier to reach other people, have my posts displayed etc. So — new year, new service responsible for my blog!

And as I finally finished some transitions in my life (mostly related to job change), I once again have time to write some posts more often than three per year — and hopefully I will be able to keep it up at good pace. And I definitelly have some topics to write about! During last year my position changed from .NET Software Developer to something that is between Technical Project Manager and Developer in company that is providing enterprise solutions for external vendors. And that’s a big change — both in terms of responsibilities, as well as in terms of project scope. After all, internal applications for one department of a bank is much smaller project than enterprise solution for external client, on which few houndred people are working daily!

So… Stay tuned and happy new year!


Blog of Software Engineer from Wrocław, Poland

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