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E15 of the Best Fit Careers podcast

FoundeIt said in Jan 2023, when they looked at the job market, it is the green jobs, green jobs, from the last year to this year, grew 80%, right, while the rest of the employment scenario wasn’t so optimistic. The demand for the skills was much higher than the supply for skills. As these different streams of work, from the corporate side from the administrative side and everything else, falls in place, education side falls in place. There will of course be that shift in the economy. And as that happens, It’s the demand for skills and demand for such roles that will come into being. And when they come into being, I think clearly the youth, but from a career choice perspective, right, so then the moment you know that that’s the SUNRISE sector, that’s where the jobs are growing. That’s where then that narrative is clearly visible to them. I’m sure that [with] skill-building exercises, everyone will start looking at this as an as an opportunity.

Anveshi is a strong Subject Matter Expert on Sustainability, he has been a TEDx speaker and keynote speaker on multiple platforms. He comes with 2 decades of industry experience across technology and consulting organizations, the last of which was with PricewaterHouseCoopers (PwC) as a Director for Smart Cities consulting. Today, he is the CEO of At Quest Sustainable Solutions, a niche services company that provides advisory, education, implementation and technology services. At Quest is among the Top 10 ESG & Sustainability Consulting Firms in India as per Asia Business Outlook. At Quest is also a winner of the APAC Insider Business Awards 2022 and named ‘Best Emerging ESG & Sustainability Consultancy — South Asia’

Anveshi Gutta and Saurabh Nanda break down what sustainability is and what education and careers around that exist especially for today’s youth. Some of the topics they touch in the podcast are:

  1. What is Sustainability?
  2. What are SDGs? What is SDG Washing?
  3. What is ESG?
  4. Importance of Sustainability for youth
  5. How can we empower our youth for sustainability?
  6. Sustainability education through Summer Naturally

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A multiple TEDx speaker, Saurabh is the recipient of the national level Josh Education Awards for “Best Initiative for Mental Health Awareness” by the Dainik Jagran group facilitated on 31st March 2022. In April 2022, he has been on-boarded as a “Mentor of Change” by the Government of India’s Atal Innovation Mission. Saurabh has been guiding students and young professionals since 2012 and guided over 20,000 students, parents, educators and young professionals across India, Japan and Denmark. His mentees are working in the top Fortune 500 companies and upcoming startups along with prestigious government positions. His mentees have studied and are studying in the top universities across the world. His mentees’ projects and research work regularly gets recognised and awarded.

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