Why I Read My Newsletters Every Day

by Jessie Beck, Director of Content Marketing at the travel company, Go Overseas.

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Jessie Beck, Director of Content Marketing at GoOverseas.com

Every morning, I used to go into my promotions folder, check all, and hit delete. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in this habit.

Every once in awhile, one or two towards the top would catch my eye — 25% off a brand I loved; something about goat cheese; a promise to help me develop professionally — but most would go unread.

Then, I joined the other side of email marketing, and began paying closer attention. I began to actually read, or at least skim through, my newsletters before hitting “delete”. This was also around the time I stumbled on Snack, an app that added visual context to my newsletters and made browsing easier than staring at a list of subject lines that all seem to blend together. I will never go back to the check-all-delete habit.

See, I know view newsletters as my gateway to knowledge I didn’t know I needed. As opposed to search, where you’re trying to answer an information gap you’re aware of, newsletters tell you the things you want to know, but would have never before sought out. The information and stories find you. It’s also often customized, since these sources are sources you’ve been to before, sought out, bought things from, or liked well enough to surrender your precious email address.

Ever since I began viewing newsletters as opportunities instead of junk (okay, maybe some are junk… But you catch my drift), I realized I had quite a few reasons to read them each morning:

1. Staying in the know

One of the most obvious reasons for paying attention to newsletters are the updates on sales, events, and industry developments. My favorite band is in town? I want to know that. There’s a sale on the boots I’ve been eyeing? I want to know that. There’s a new trend everyone can’t stop talking about in my industry (travel)? I want to know that too.

For sale updates, I subscribe to my favorite brands, like San Francisco based Azalea.

Azalea email viewed in Snack.

For events, my go to newsletter is Sosh — which always tells me about unique things to do in my area. Bandsintown is another email I follow — though it’s technically just an email notification and not a newsletter per say.

Finally, for those travel industry updates, Skift — not to be confused with the equally awesome “the Skimm” — will keep me posted on tourist trends. The Freelancer by Contently is my absolute favorite newsletter, giving tips and updates on life as a freelancer — like a database of freelance rates they compiled or a freelancer union that was created.

2. Learning something new

The other day, Food52 sent out a newsletter that featured a popular corn soup. The photo caught my eye and, since this was on my commute home, I made a be-line for the grocery store and cooked it that night.

I never would have sought out that recipe, or even entered something remotely close to the query I would have needed to have entered in Google to get me there through search. I also wasn’t actively looking for a recipe. But am I glad Food52 threw it in my inbox and said “hey! Try this!”? Abso-fucking-loutely.

Food52 newsletter as viewed in Snack.

Another one of my favorites for apartment hacks and DIY projects is Apartment Therapy. The Muse has great professional advice; often for things I didn’t even know I was doing wrong / could be doing. Then of course, you can’t beat Refinery29 for all those little life-work-beauty-health-fashion-everything hacks. Just be careful; they’ve got the catchy blog title formula down to a tee and I could spend hours getting lost in their content.

3. Entertainment when you’re bored

You’re bored in line, waiting on a train, or at the doctor’s office. You’ve checked Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your work email. Now what? Newsletters.

My newsletters are varied enough that if I scroll through a bit, I’m bound to find something that’s just pure entertainment. There are the various travel bloggers I follow and subscribe to — most of whom have wild and entertaining posts to read. The Everywherist, a Thing for Wor(l)ds, and Adventures Around Asia are some current favs.

There’s also bigger publications, like experiential travel magazine, Afar, and National Geographic that I look to for those stories that will throw me into another world as I try to pass the time waiting somewhere.

AFAR email as viewed in Snack.

The craziest thing about all this? It makes me want to subscribe to more newsletters and better curate that feed. So get on it, kids, ‘cuz newsletters are the new newspapers.

Love newsletters but hate how they get lost in your inbox? Snack connects people with the things they love by presenting the content you care about from your inbox in a relevant and beautiful manner. Experience Snack (it’s free for iOS): https://bnc.lt/snack-medium

Download Snack (it’s free): https://bnc.lt/snack-medium

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Download Snack (it’s free): https://bnc.lt/snack-medium

edited by Jessie Beck and Jon Li

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