You Don’t Have to Be at War With Your Inbox

Great newsletter content often gets lost amongst your communication emails, like emails about a wedding, emails about plans for next weekend, or emails about a family trip. But what if there was a dedicated app for all your email subscriptions? Imagine an app where important emails find you — all in a beautiful feed. Imagine: Snack.

Download Snack (it’s free):

Snack is available for download in the iTunes App Store.

Story Time

Snack is an app designed to help you stay connected with your interests, starting with your email subscriptions. For example, I’m interested in technology news, restaurants in San Francisco, cooking recipes, cycling blogs, and furniture, so that when you look at my Snack, it’s tailored for me. And your Snack will be completely unique to you. Here’s how it works:


Snack makes your emails bite-size and “snackable”. In Snack, you can conveniently browse your emails in a visual feed.

Snack makes email snackable.

Curate your feed by unsubscribing from unwanted publishers. Just swipe it away.

Swipe to unsubscribe from emails in Snack.

Never miss an important email by turning on push notifications for individual publishers.

Swipe to turn on notifications in Snack.

Discover today’s best stories that have been curated by our community. This is an easy way discover new stories and publishers.

Discover today’s best emails in Snack.

Email doesn’t have to be boring. Email can be smart and pretty. We think you’ll really enjoy using Snack.

This is just the beginning of our journey about how we approach helping people stay connected with the things and the people they love.

Download Snack (it’s free):

Edited by Kyla Ernst-Apler and Jon Li.