Snack Haul: Obon + Sacred Summit

Did you know I own a grocery store with my friends? Well, that’s the typical slogan of a co-op and I’m a relatively recent member of the Alberta C0-op. Since I’m part-owner it’s only fair that I share some of the wonderful snacks we carry.

Today I picked up a bag of Garlic Pepper Rice Crisps from Obon and a Matcha Latte Raw Truffle from Sacred Summit Chocolates.

Obon Garlic Pepper Rice Crisps

“Sprouted brown rice fried in coconut oil, masterfully seasoned, excellent CRUNCH!”

The rice crisps are fantastic! I ate the 3oz bag in one sitting. The texture is crunchy without being hard. It crumbles a bit, encouraging you to just shove the whole thing in your mouth. While the bigger pieces would technically fit in my mouth, it seemed more polite to bite into them. The seasoning was perfect. Salty and crunchy, with just a bit of garlic and some nice pepper. Much like salt and pepper potato chips the urge is to just keep eating them without stopping.

I liked these a lot more than popcorn but not as much as potato chips (but I wonder if anything is really good as potato chips?) and at $3.49 for a bag that feels like you could share it, but you won’t want to, this is an incredibly great snack! WILL SNACK ON THIS AGAIN.

The Oban logo

Before I picked this up I didn’t know much about Obon, but they describe themselves as a “two person company, comprised of a Japanese woman & her American husband.” Fumiko is moved to the US from Japan in 1998 and worked as a sushi chef in San Francisco. Jason is from California and he opened a family-owned organic grocery and worked as a cook and created their deli menu.

Fumiko and Jason

They cater private events, serve food at farmer’s market, and run a weekly pop-up called Sushi Mondays at Vtopia (a vegan cheese shop) in Portland. While the rice crisps aren’t on their website they make another product which explains their relationship with a vegan cheese shop. They make plain or smoked Tofu Misozuke which they describe as “spreadable, nutty & lightly salty,” explaining that it “goes with anything! It makes a great dip, or sandwich spread, or anything that people use cream cheese or pate for” and describe it as the “the foie gras of tofu.” I will definitely be trying this!

You can find Obon at their website, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Sacred Summit Matcha Latte Raw Truffle

One of these is $2.99 which makes it possibly the most expensive snack at the co-op. But it also might be the most delicious. Don’t be fooled by the presentation of them in a plastic bulk bin! This is an amazing high-end wonderful chocolate experience.

They are kept in the cooler because they will melt. This is not a bug, but a feature. It literally melts as you eat it. Turning into a delicious thick sludge . It’s incredibly rich and coated my mouth in a way that made me not want to eat or drink anything as I savored the lingering hints of chocolate and matcha. (Do they have to make these in some kind of refrigerated room?) If you haven’t had one of these go buy one right now. If you need a special small treat for a friend, buy one these right now. If you don’t have friends and you just ate one just go buy another one anyway because you’re going to want another one really soon.

Sacred Summit has a great website, and you can find them on Instagram and Facebook but it’s a little hard to find out who is behind this delicious block of magic. The only clue I found was the etsy profile page of Dario Barone, which only has a small picture of a smiling gentleman.

That helped me find his Facebook page where he proudly talks about Sacred Summit (it’s a pet peeve of mine when the about section of a website doesn’t tell you about the PEOPLE!).

That’s my snack haul for the weekend. I also have a mailing list about snacks if you care about that sort of thing. And I’m always interested in what snacks you’re discovering, loving, or just keep returning to because you can’t quit (like that mini-bag of ranch Doritos).