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Make a Wish

A Tribute to the ‘Simple Life’.


This is a an ode to ordinary objects in life. Simple and curious.


Just strawberries? Look closer at the form, the placement of the seeds, the vibrant colors, and let’s not forget how delicious they taste.


This is a cantaloupe, propped up on an IKEA side table, taken against the plain wall of one of my old apartment bedrooms.

There is no end to creativity but there is an end to boredom.
Barrel and Balloon

I was out for a walk and saw the oddest of pairings; a barrel and a balloon, both in similar colors, wedged together like best friends.

What more needs to be said? Someone wrote this on the side of the pier by the ocean. Love, it’s a strong word ya know?


This is one of my favorite images, as it combines type written text with the image of a pen, waiting to write as a .writer.

What describes your life story, ‘Happiness’ or ‘Stumbling’ or somewhere in between?

(Blank space)

Here is the stained glass which I placed on top of a piece of random writing, to give it the looking glass effect as well as the notion that I knew what I was doing; an artiste!

Stained glass on paper

Finally, this is a piece of a nailed pipe on one of the legislative buildings. That’s it!

Pipe in Victoria, BC, Canada

Iwon’t leave you with nothing more, so an ode to a picture of a cool railing, circles and all. This ordinary treat can’t be beat!

This is one of my all time favorite images, because the message that it holds is quite stark. No entry to love? Or, this is the wrong way, try again!
No entry to love

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Anna Rozwadowska 2018