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Alpine Life

Week fourteen of the photographic documentary of my daily life

Anne Bonfert
Nov 6, 2020 · 7 min read

This week is about a colorful forest in the alps. It’s about wildlife above the tree line and snow-covered peaks. A wonderful holiday in the mountains comes to end and we say goodbye to our lovely flat in Germany.

Today it only rained once. From the morning until the evening it rained in one go. I actually do think it started raining at midnight and never stopped since. That was also what they predicted in the weather forecast.

With those predictions, we decided not to go for a long hike high up in the mountains. With all the snow melting and being washed away that would be too dangerous is this type of weather.

Instead, we choose to visit a famous gorge in this area which you couldn’t visit on a sunny day due to too many visitors. Since it is such a popular spot even during corona times it is crowded. A few people had the same idea as us today but that didn’t bother us.

Arriving at the bottom of the gorge we could see the river coming down with a lot of water due to all the rain during the past few days. The noise was overwhelming and only got more intense the further we hiked into the gorge.

Despite the rain, I did enjoy this excursion. The gorge was located in a thick mountain forest that was shining through the rain in grandiose colors. An amazing spectacle to be witnessed here.

Today’s hike brought us high up into the alpine world of breathtaking views and stunning flora and fauna. After yesterday’s 24 hours of rainfall, we were expecting a beautiful day today. The wind was blowing quite strong at the top but except for that, there was nothing to complain about.

At two different spots, we got to see chamois. Chamois is a goat-antelope type of animal that is home in the alps. In German, it’s called “Gämse” and the Latin word is “Rupicapra rupicapra”. Chamois are beautiful mountain animals who jump around the rocks and cliffs without fear.

I am always happy when I get to see wildlife, but especially when it’s these mountain animals. At the first spot, we saw almost 30 of them. All of them with big bellies. To survive the harsh winter in the high alpine landscape they have to be fat.

I do feel my legs. Today’s hike was tough. Eight hours of hiking in alpine terrain are lying behind me. My face is burning from the sun and wind and my knees do hurt from the steep downhill parts.

But it was an amazing day. Together with my parents and my partner, we started this day. Full of motivation we choose a long route for our last day of this trip. Sunshine all day long and blue skies were making this day a perfect day.

We crossed snow fields and walked through slippery mud. We climbed over rocks and walked through forests of mountain pines. Birds were playing in the wind and a few paragliders launched their wing.

I can’t believe this trip went by so quickly. Yet it was a memorable one. I will definitely not forget this one!

One last view of the valley. A glimpse from the terrace. Yes, this is a wonderful place. A hidden gem in the alps. What a lovely village surrounded by astonishing mountains.

It’s time to go home. Go home — where? Once again I am on the move. I’ll stay at my parent’s place for a few weeks. Spend some quality time with them after being so far for years. Before I will leave the continent again.

We pack up our things and load the car. I have a lovely chat with the owner of the holiday flats while settling the bill. He’s 82 years old and running the house all on his own. Four flats. He doesn’t even have a cleaning lady. He is doing everything in the house. With a smile on his face. Coming from the heart.

Please give me a call when you’re home so that I know you guys arrived safely.

The first stranger who said this sentence to me. The first time an owner from a holiday accommodation asks me to call them when home. Just to say I got there safely. I promised him I would call with a smile on my face.

We need more kindness like this in the world. Caring for each other.

Time to say goodbye.

Today was the last day we spent in our flat in the tiny fairytale village surrounded by nothing but forest. We spent a wonderful couple of months in this lovely place.

After the week of the holiday with my parents, we drove back to our flat. Take back all our items and hand it over to the landlady. We chatted a bit and spoke about the next year. If everything goes as planned we’ll be back here in April. But who knows? In these times nothing goes as planned.

Exploring the city of Munich during the lockdown. What we do when everything is shut is pretty obvious. Like always we go and explore nature. Luckily there is plenty of nature in Germany’s cities!

Walking along the parks and river banks we eventually reach the famous wave of the river “Eisbach”. Despite the freezing temperatures surfers are standing in a queue waiting to jump into the cold water.

My friend says there are always surfers here. Day and night. In any and every weather condition. Unbelievable. And somehow cool. To be able to go surfing in a city.

We watch these hardcore surfers for a while. Some of them are pretty good and it is fun to watch them play on the wave. A little further down is another wave. A little more gentle. For the beginners. Even though it doesn’t look that easy either. Just a bit slower.

Today we went on a road trip. While Germany started its second lockdown on Monday we do our best to stay active. Go for walks and hikes in nature. That’s the least we are allowed to do to stay alive.

And we’re having a good time. Despite the shitty weather we are enjoying it. We put our bodies into the cold. We face the icy wind and get soaked in heavy rain.

This lake is located in the south of Germany. At the bottom of Germany’s highest peak. Unfortunately, these stunning mountains were covered in low-hanging fog and rain clouds so that we were unable to embrace the astonishing surrounding.

But we loved walking along the lake getting followed by a few ducks who were hoping to get some food from us. We didn’t have any food with us and we also do know you shouldn’t feed them. Especially not bread.

This is the best we can do to boost our immune system. Eat healthy and stay active. Face challenges and keep your body and brain running. That is what is important. Don’t let them stop you from living your life. You only got one.

“I’ll look back on this smile because it was life and I decided to live it.” — Unknown

I invite you to join this fun challenge started by Dennett in July this year. Select one photograph each day from your daily life and share it with us. Add a one-word caption or describe it. It’s up to you.

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An art and photography publication focused on visual…

Anne Bonfert

Written by

I am a traveler. Photographer. Writer. Teacher. Skydiving instructor. Adventure enthusiast. Nature lover. And fell in love with the African continent.



An art and photography publication focused on visual narrative in storytelling.

Anne Bonfert

Written by

I am a traveler. Photographer. Writer. Teacher. Skydiving instructor. Adventure enthusiast. Nature lover. And fell in love with the African continent.



An art and photography publication focused on visual narrative in storytelling.

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