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My weekly bouquet from flowers delivered by our CSA. Photo ©Erika Burkhalter.

An Abundant Garden, Writing in the Sky, and Alaska-Bound!

A week in photos

The garden has been abundant this week — with flowers, artichokes, tomatoes, swiss chard and lemons. We’ve had a bit of a heatwave (over 90˚F), so the kitties and I have not spent quite as much time outdoors as normal. They all have such long fur that when the temperature heats up, they love to…




An art and photography publication focused on visual narrative in storytelling.

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Erika Burkhalter

Erika Burkhalter

Photographer, yogi, cat-mom, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)

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