Spring is a beginning for all the creatures. Sakura in a local shrine in Ikeda city, Osaka / All the photo credits — Takashi Shirakawa

Beautiful Seasons in Japan - Spring

Photos of Japanese culture and scenes in seasons

Takashi Shirakawa
Apr 17 · 4 min read
Map from Geospatial Information Authority of Japan

This time I post the spring scenery. I’ll post other seasons soon : )


Sakura in the darkness of night / Wakayama
Sakura (Somei-Yoshino) / Osaka
Shidare-Sakura / Hyogo
Yae-Sakura / Osaka university (Google map)
7 a.m. in a park before going to my office / Expo park in Suita city, Osaka
Chozuya in a temple - Wash your hands here before praying / Nakayama-dera temple, Hyogo
Bridge over the moat of Tamamo Castle / Kagawa (Google map)
Japanese traditional garden / Kyoto

[Plus] Foods

I can’t introduce everything about Japanese food… But just one thing. The common essential nature of Japanese food is a taste of materials. Thanks to the sea, mountains, forests, climate, rich soils, and seasons, cooking methods have developed concerning the characteristics of materials.

Food is a part of seasons, probably, I believe.

This time I introduce noodles. In Western countries, it is supposed to be bad manners to make noise while eating. In Japan, it’s the same in many cases. But when it comes to noodles, it’s a different story. Especially when eating Udon noodles, you SHOULD make noise and inhale them vigorously! This is because it is considered polite to the cook to eat the noodles while they are still fresh and tasty.

Udon noodles with Tempura of spring vegetables and small shrimps on them. When eating Udon, please make NOISE and inhale them vigorously! (Be careful not to choke on them...) / Kagawa

[Plus] Sites for Your Travel

PHOTO METI PROJECT / Japan’s hidden visual delights

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

10 Great Tastes of Japan

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)

The Guide for You to Find Japanese Cuisine, Local Restaurant, and Food Retail Store

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)

VISIT KAGAWA — Delicacies of Kagawa

Kagawa Pref Tourism Association


Kyoto City Tourism Association


Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau


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