The Diablerets mountains, in the Alps of Canton Vaud. Photo by author Luciano Abriata.

Celebrating my top in #photography with a late summer hike in the Swiss alps

Thanks to your interactions with my content and to great people like Dennett, Dan Pfeifer, and Jane Grows Garden Rooms (Jane Frost) who allowed me to publish through their publications, Medium just highlighted me as a top writer in the topic of Photography. What better way to celebrate than with new photos taken during a hike through the Alps at the very end of summer? Prepare to see lots of wild fruits, fungi as they begin to populate the shaded, moist areas, some of the last flowers of the summer, and of course mountains and lakes.

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5 min readSep 19, 2021

Medium just announced the new recognition of top writers for various topics. I was picked for Photography, which was honestly thrilling because I didn’t expect I could compete with the great work I see every day on the platform. But well, thanks to your interactions with my content and of course thanks to the editors that let me reach you through their publications, I made it there, without expecting it, without even knowing. Today was a beautiful sunny day in Switzerland, likely the last one of this summer, to hike high in the mountains. We went to one of my favorite places, easy to get to (a train drops you right at 1600 m) and with great hikes, landscapes, and nature to discover. Come with me to know the mountains around the highest regions of Canton de Vaud, between Villars and Les Diablerets ski resorts (now with 0 snow of course). See how much wild fruit we picked, and welcome the fungi which are telling us the fall is just about to start.

Specifically, this was a hike from Col de Bretaye, where we got by train, up to Les Diablerets, where we took the train back home. The hike is dominated by mountains but passes by the side of three small altitude lakes.

A commented selection of snapshots from this hike

The first of the three lakes is not especially beautiful by itself, but it keeps on one end a treasure that we always visit when…



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