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“A Golden Lining” ©Vijay Krishna Palepu

Fiery Clouds and Golden Linings

The dark clouds did not portend rains or inclement weather. In fact, yesterday was a clear day with the sun shining bright. Although, the wind was blowing strong, creating a chilly temperature that made it uncomfortable to leave the warmth of your homes. Weather and climate continue to perplex.

“Dark Clouds, Golden Linings, and Fiery Clouds.” ©Vijay Krishna Palepu

But as the Sun was setting, the clouds directly in front turned dark, whereas the fast diminishing sunlight cast golden shadows on the clouds above. It created a stark contrast of gray and golden clouds that sandwiched a faint golden lining.

It made me think about the current situation we are in with the pandemic: is there a golden moment waiting for us on the other side of this darkness? The pragmatist in me knows that any shift from darkness to light will be far more gradual. The pictures above, however, draw sharper contrasts between gold and gray.

Moving beyond those gloomy/not-so-gloomy parallels, I captured some beautiful shots of orange clouds. The one below really stood out to me. It was like that solitary cloud was on fire, against an otherwise peaceful blue and white sky …

“Cloud on Fire” ©Vijay Krishna Palepu

And finally, let me cap off this photo-series with a wider shot of the setting sun. The blue, white, orange and grays in all their glory!

“Solitary Flights” ©Vijay Krishna Palepu

I caught a couple of different shots of this view of yesterday’s sunset. But only the shot above clearly shows those two birds flying around.

They look so free and peaceful. 🕊



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