Highs and Lows…in Colorado


Judy Collins is doing Both Sides Now

I spent most of last week working with old friends in Ontario, California, USA. A most excellent time. Back home in Belview, Colorado, USA, for a three-day weekend before I head down to Houston, Texas, to work some more next week.

I have been treated royally by the sky this weekend. Yesterday found a new alien hovering above me to the west.

I fended off several calls from NASA and the US Air Force concerning the goings-on over the ridge. Not really, but I had you going in light of current atmospheric anomalies being discovered here, there, and over yonder.

Simultaneously, lenticular clouds mimicked a more credible starship off to the south. My iPhone 13 Pro did its bit in capturing my surroundings. I lent a helping hand by doing the point-and-shoot thing. My MacBook Air did the crop and add my name thing, as always.

I kept my eyes on this one, hoping another one did not appear! What would I do with two of them?

Shortly after sunset, more than two hours after I spied the intruder, it was still stationary and more resembling a get-away alien aircraft, in my opinion. But wait, there’s more. The highs have been fairly spectacular. The lows have been OK too.

I had a most excellent hike this morning on the ridge east of me. It is the very first sign of the Laramide Orogeny after you cross the Mississippi River a thousand miles or so to the east. A two-inch patch…



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