Contrast, & passerby. Image courtesy: the author.

Old Photo Revival Project: Street Photographs in Bangladesh, Part II

Capturing the daily motions of life in Bangladesh

Suntonu Bhadra
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2 min readJan 4, 2023


To digitize my captured images on Bangladesh streets, I have recently started creating YouTube photo stories using old street photographs.

As a novice photographer, most images might not be the ideal ‘street photography’ type, but some could capture a snippet of daily life in Bangladesh.

Photography is a learning process; through trial and error, I have learned much from those snapped attempts. As I am integrating myself into street photography in Toronto, a look back to the previous images gives me a chance to evolve better.

Here are some photographs I used in the 2nd part of the YouTube video; you can explore the rest of the snapshots in the video.

Rickshaw city.
Barbed wire(s)!