Results Are In

SNAPSHOTS texture challenge winners

Dec 1, 2018 · 2 min read

“What texture challenge” you may rightly ask, given that these results are arriving significantly later than intended. I know “sometimes life gets in the way” is a lazy sounding reason, but it’s the one that best describes my past month. To all who submitted pieces to the challenge, my sincere apologies for the delay.

On a decidedly more upbeat note, congratulations are on order. The following three (actually four with a tie), photographers have each won a $20.00 Starbucks gift card with their name on it. First, for her compelling use of color found in discarded and rusted metal, miranda deely.

For original texture use, it was a tie between Carol Carpenter:

And Wild Flower:

The editors choice went to a piece by Lucy B which did a great job connecting disparate, often bleak images with a short narrative, adding a perfectly “textured” feel to the overall work.

A reminder for the above four people, I will need your email address to send your prize. If I don’t have it, shoot me a private note on this post or send me an email at

Three Honorable Mentions

Well, okay, four!

Terrye Turpin

David Wade Chambers

Tracy Aston

Annie Littlewolf

Each of the above winners and honorable mentions will have one of their textures showcased for a week as our SNAPSHOTS header theme. The one you see today is from miranda deely.

I realize it’s somewhat cliche to say that I wish we could have selected all the entries to further showcase, but the submissions we received really were that good. Thank you to everyone who submitted such compelling and original pieces.

Current Challenge

Yes, we are definitely overdue for one. Look for your next challenge in a post later today. It’s a good one!


An art and photography publication focused on visual narrative in storytelling.


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Flight paramedic turned MFA creative non fiction grad. HIV researcher. ENFP. Poetry, memoir, intersectionality, photography, art, dogs.



An art and photography publication focused on visual narrative in storytelling.

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