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October, Euonymous alata “Burning Bush”. Photo by Louise Peacock

So Long to Summer 2020

October, Japanese Kanzan Cherry leaves. Photo by Louise Peacock

Here in Southern Ontario, our Winters seem to last forever, but Springs and Summers last no time at all.

By April, it seems that Winter will never end, then suddenly the snow and ice have gone, and new growth is visible.

Late March-early April, Daffodil leaves are bravely poking up. Photo by Louise Peacock

We generally get another winter blast and we worry that the delicate new growth will be killed …magically, it survives.

After that, the changes happen really fast. The spring bulbs are up,

Early Crocus. Photo by Louise Peacock

then the summer growth,

June, Lamium. Photo by Louise Peacock

then the mid-summer flowers,

July, Summer Phlox with Daylily “Poinset”. Photo by Louise Peacock

Finally, the August-September flowers

Last week in August, Echinacea, Oakleafed Hydrangea and Rudbeckia hirta putting on the Ritz. Photo by Louise Peacock

Then a scant three months after it began, Summer has gone, and the leaves are turning bright colours and falling in profusion.

The October garden. Photo by Louise Peacock

Summer has ended, and Fall has arrived — a brief pre-cursor to Winter.

The lawnmowers (hand and gas) go into hibernation, the big mother snowblower gets gassed up and tested and moves to the front of the garage.

The hoes, rakes and spades move to the hooks at the back of the garage, and the various snow shovels move forward for easy access. Sigh.

Winter, hoarfrost on Thistles, Photo by Louise Peacock



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