Bruce flips burgers for dinner. Photo by Louise Peacock

Summer Fun

Subtitle: relaxation

Firing up the BBQ for the first burgers of the year, as soon as the weather is nice enough to eat outside is our first step toward Summer fun.

We don’t always have the right buns around, but these poppy seed buns were great with cheeseburgers! Photo by Louise Peacock

We never know when that first outdoor dinner will happen. In our part of Canada it is variable. Anywhere from mid March to late June, completely weather dependent.

A few years ago I found out about Tree Lilies. Photo by Bruce Walker

Enjoying our garden is a huge part of our Summer relaxation.

Mosquitos, Flies and Wasps reduced the enjoyment of outdoor eating, so we got this special net cover for the table. Photo by Louise Peacock

We were driven mad with attacks from a wide variety of flying insects. Then one day I checked out anti insect covers for the outdoor umbrella. We got one and it works fantastically. The insects hate it.

Sitting out and enjoying the view. Shasta Daisies, Coneflowers and Daylilies. Photo by Louise Peacock

With the extremely short Summer season, I try to keep the garden jam-packed with colour, both Annual and Perennial. We can sit out in either the front or the back and have flowers all around us.

The flowers are always lovely. Shasta Daisies, Daylilies and Perennial Geranium blend together. Photo by Louise Peacock

I usually flop on my lounger and snooze in the afternoons after work.

In the Park flowerbed as a volunteer gardener. Selfie!!!