Sunrise Meditation

Every morning, when it’s clear, I do my sunrise meditation. I’m not going to mention ‘mindfulness’ (dang, I just did). Actually, I am serious about the meditation part. This exercise involves seven elements: Point Roadknight, the sun, the sea, the clouds, the tree, the camera lens, and my eye. Every morning, the same seven elements. No conscious reflection allowed.

I would have said “No brain allowed.” But in my view of human anatomy, the brain is more properly equated with the entire nervous system, e.g. sometimes, we ‘think’ with our fingers. In that sense, we are always thinking, perhaps even in sleep!

I have been doing this particular meditation for nearly five years, so I have taken well over a thousand sunrise photographs by now. Sometimes I publish them for my Facebook ‘friends’, who seem to enjoy them, but I can’t forget the person who said, ‘they’re all alike’. Well, yes, and then again, no.

I know what he meant alright. But, for me, that’s when the thinking comes into the picture, so to speak. When I look at the images, there comes to me a wonderful plenitude of the joys of being in one place at that moment. Nothing is the same, and everything is the same. We try to find the words for it: love, peace, joy, serenity, beauty. But words are not the thing, just as maps are not the territory.

I hope you enjoyed the sunrise pic above, even if I haven’t convinced you to take up meditation. I’ll probably, over time, publish a few more, but if you want to see more now, visit the Archive of my Medium pieces below. Just click on the Archive, then scroll down to “Sunrise Meditations”. The images range from merely ‘glorious’ to truly magnificent. Thanks of course to the 7 elements!