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Sunsets to soothe your soul

Endings can be colorful

Sunsets were, are, and will be my retreats after a day-long fight against the mundane. They taught me endings can be colorful. They are full of hope.

Photo by author: October sunsets

Pandemic and lock-downs have given me a wonderful hobby: Watching sunsets. Every day I grab a book(no phone) and go upstairs to feel the world I love to be in. How beautiful would that be when you are with what you love — solitude, sunsets, and books?

Photo by Author. Summer sunset

I think sunset is a painting made by the sun, on the canvas called sky. You see, these paintings are never the same and are always beautiful.

“They ran to museums for paintings. I ran to the roof for sunsets” — Darnell Lamont Walker

And Darnell put my feelings in a short sentence.

Photo by Author. Rainy sunsets
Photo by author. Winter sunsets
Photo by author. Occasional lavender skies
Photo by author. Sunset that took my breath away

If you haven’t tried watching sunsets yet, I highly recommend you to grab a cup of coffee, a book, and your heart along with you to enjoy the sunset as the sun smears the colors of happiness on you.

And do let me know about your experience; I am all ears. I love chatting about sunsets and stars. If you want to pour your heart about it, you know that I’ll be here.

Thank you for your time! I hope you enjoyed it.



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