The Beatles are doing Here Comes The Sun


Cat Stevens is doing Moonshadow

The setting moon shone brightly through my bedroom window early this morning. Vague reflections told me it had snowed an inch or two last night and that the sun was headed my way. I don’t linger in bed so I was on the deck shortly after my beauty rest was incomplete.

The trees are a couple hundred yards uphill. The far ridge is maybe three miles away.

I slipped on the bare minimum to go hang out on my deck. It was 25 degrees outside so I donned my down vest over my t-shirt. Old jeans covered my skinny legs. I was excited because I knew, or at least hoped for, an amazing tiny adventure. After three or four traverses from the east end of the deck to the west end of the deck I noticed I was wearing my buckskin slip-ons. So, I just kept shuffling east to west and back again in the snow in my slippers. Pun intended. Fog was dense across Horsetooth Reservoir here in Bellvue, Colorado, USA.

The sky was that amazing blue. Most of these shots were at or near maximum magnification on my iPhone 13 Pro. My MacBook Air did the crop and add my name thing. I did not know I was doing a bookend picture taking session until later.

I was most fortunate to catch the sunrise and the moonset.

I clipped and sighed, sipped coffee, slid to and fro, and had a most excellent morning. This extended time off has been a real treat!



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