Sugar Beach, Toronto. No, the age of this picture is not that ancient! Image courtesy: the writer (photographer).

Vintage Vibe in Photographs With the Prequel App

Because why not?

Suntonu Bhadra
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Aug 20, 2023


Every photographer (and ‘wannabe’ like me) always try something different to get the best out of the situation, and it doesn’t end while shooting the photographs but also during the post-processing.

Along with the traditional methods of editing, sometimes it feels great to have fun with photography apps, even though the monetary value or permanence of those edited photos might be a topic of debate!

In summary, I experimented with different mobile photography apps and when I accidentally came across Prequel, I instantly fall (in love!).

Here are some of the edited photographs of the recent past with this app.

Toronto skyline in WES ANDERSON film-look style. Image by the writer.
Sunflower farm in Beaverton, Ontario, Canada. Image by the writer.
Left side image: a street-side image of the beautiful town of Elora. Right-side image: Sunflower garden. Image by the writer.
An aerial view with the fisheye view (or, bird-eye, I forgot). Image by the writer.
Left side image: An urban romantic in Toronto. Right side image: Urban walk. Image by the writer.

It’s good to be back in SNAPSHOTS.


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