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SATURDAY WALK, Photo by author, © dunelair: Sue Moran Thole

Weekend Walks Along Our Coastline

Capturing Views with My iPhone

Often on Saturdays, I meet a friend, and we stroll along the boardwalk that parallels the low dunes that front our beach. We take a few steps and stop and talk; we walk a little way further and repeat.

We take the path leading up to some wind-swept trees, and we detour to the nearby fallen ones and linger there to enjoy the view.

And this Sunday, my husband and I drove about five miles further to walk where the land becomes a cliff rising above the ocean. The public path runs along a private street of a gate-guarded string of mega-mansions.

SUNDAY WALK, Photo by author, © dunelair: Sue Moran Thole

To the southwest is a narrow strip of sweetly scented coastal scrub, and across the paved street, flanking the base of the high ridge, is a row of incongruous, landscaped structures. Each one is a different style of architecture; each one is huge.

LINE OF LANDSCAPED MANSIONS, Photo by author, © dunelair: Sue Moran Thole

In the many times I have hiked this stretch, I have seldom seen evidence of anyone living there. I have never witnessed a party in progress on one of the expansive verandas. On weekdays, I have seen groundskeepers tending the lush landscaping or construction workers building new mansions. Once or twice, I have witnessed a car entering or leaving a gated driveway. We speculate that the owners are wealthy foreigners or movie stars who are rarely there.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, Photo by author, © dunelair: Sue Moran Thole

As we walked the public path this Sunday, I was encouraged that my fitness level was markedly better than the last time I walked there many months ago. My hours of physical therapy have rewarded me.

PIRATES’ COVE, Photo by author, © dunelair: Sue Moran Thole

Near the end of the path, we relished views of Pirates’ Cove. Our local nude beach was empty on this cool day.

MARCH FEATURES COLORFUL BLOSSOMS, Photo by author, © dunelair: Sue Moran Thole

On our hike, we enjoyed seeing resting and darting hummingbirds, a colorful towhee, a busy flycatcher, and assorted LBJs (little brown jobbies), and we enjoyed seeing many stunning flowers. Colorful rockrose shrubs, bougainvillea, and varieties of Pride of Madeira enhance the coastal sage scrub along the top of the bluff.



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