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(SnapBots News Review) Top Cryto News of the Week

Here is a summary of this week’s news.

1) Similarities between Bitcoin and Dogecoin

Doge, a known meme coin, rose unexpectedly, making overnight millionaires. What is the secret behind Doge’s success? How is it similar to Bitcoin? Coindesk’s Adam B. Levine points out the similarities between Dogecoin and Bitcoin and the highlights that led to this coin to set groundbreaking records. Read more here.

2) Bitcoin Drops to 55K — What Was the Cause?

In under 20 minutes last Saturday night, bitcoin’s price fell by more than 12%. Crypto Twitter raced to explain the situation, pointing out two events as potential causes: 1) a hash rate crash which caused Chinese miners to sell their Bitcoin, and 2) rumors about US regulators pressing money-laundering charges against unnamed financial institutions. Read more here.

3) Weekly Trading Volumes on Uniswap Hit a New High of $10 Billion

In the middle of an ongoing decentralized financial boom, Uniswap’s decentralized exchange set a new weekly volume record on Tuesday, with cumulative transactions reaching $10 billion. Read more here.

4) WeWork Accepting Crypto as Form of Payment

Cryptocurrency adoption among mainstream businesses is accelerating. WeWork is now accepting cryptocurrency payments, supporting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Paxos Standard, etc. The company has partnered with crypto payments processor BitPay and crypto exchange Coinbase to enable this functionality. Read more here.

SnapBots( is an artificial intelligence (AI) research firm based in BVI with global users. Driven by its focus on fields of machine learning and deep learning, it aims to supply trading bots as a service.

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