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Enhancer Plugin for Jira
3 min readMay 5, 2021


Spring has truly sprung near our HQs in Turkey and the UK, so we thought what better time to give one of our most popular Atlassian apps a good old spring clean…

The Enhancer Plugin for Jira has a selection of over thirty custom fields (as well as other useful tools!) that allow our clients to set clear KPIs for their teams. They also get more out of their instance with functionalities that are not available in Jira’s default programming. We’ve given the custom field configuration page a fresh lick of paint including a new design that’s clear and easy to understand, with a few added features!

Easier to Manage

The new Custom Field Configuration page now has extra details and filter options.

We’ve made it easier for you to manage your Enhancer Plugin for Jira custom fields within the configuration page. Not only are all of the custom field types now in one place but the configuration page now has more details for each one, allowing you to easily differentiate between custom fields.

The table on the Custom Field Configuration page can now also be filtered using the arrows and search function in each column. Find exactly what you’re looking for quickly with these new functionalities.

Crystal Clear Descriptions

Additional insights for each custom field that help you get the most out of JEP.

We’ve added descriptions for every single one of the Enhancer Plugin for Jira’s custom fields, so that you know exactly what each one does and can use them to power your teams. These descriptions are available when creating a new custom field and have use cases to give you some inspiration on how you can utilise them within your instance.

For even more information, you can click on the question mark icon next to each custom field which will take you to a dedicated page within our documentation portal.

Create Custom Fields That Work For Your Business

Before and after shots of the form to create a new JEP custom field.

When you click on that all-important “Add New JEP Custom Field” button on the configuration page, you’ll now be greeted with a new and improved pop-up box that has even more options.

As you can see from the images above, you now have more freedom when it comes to defining your JEP custom fields. You can see and edited multiple custom field options directly in this new page. And more options plus greater freedoms equals custom fields that are bespoke to the needs of your business.

We hope that you enjoy this even more enhanced Enhancer Plugin for Jira with custom fields that are easier to manage, have clearer descriptions and work for you and your business.



Enhancer Plugin for Jira

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