Enhance Your Jira Cloud Experience

If you use Jira, then you’ll know how important it is to have solid custom fields and workflows. These represent processes within your organization and empower your teams to provide excellent service to your customers. But, solid custom fields and workflows can be hard to come by. Many teams do not have the time or the capabilities to personalize their instance. They then have to retrofit their processes to fit the default system programming, instead of creating custom fields that are just that, custom, and workflows that work specifically for them. And, as a result, many companies do not get the most out of Jira.

To solve these challenges, we created the Enhancer Plugin for Jira in 2006, and today we’re excited to announce that we’re launching this app on Jira Cloud! Bringing an enhanced Jira experience, without the need to spend time coding or scripting, to Cloud. Allowing users to personalize their Jira instance to improve processes and provide an excellent service to customers.

The powerful new features that are now available to Jira Cloud users include…

Custom Fields

  • Date Custom Fields — Helping you calculate the time spent on particular statuses within an issue. Working calendars are also used for this, making calculations even more relevant to your team.
  • User/Group Custom Fields — Showing you exactly which users undertook particular tasks within an issue, which is really useful if you have multiple teams working on an issue at different stages.
  • Counter Custom Fields — Calculating how many times a particular action occurred within an issue. Our customers love to use this within their customer service portals to calculate how many times an issue was reopened, as this has an impact on first resolution.
  • Comment Custom Field — Jira does not have any comment fields which can be added to the issue navigator, despite this being one of the most wanted features from Atlassian users. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our Comment Custom Field which you can easily define and configure.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This plugin helps us to produce KPIs, which allows us to identify possible bottlenecks inside and between teams. The support is really good and reactive, the provider is client focused, open minded and ready to resolve requests.” — Enhancer Plugin for Jira User

Workflow Conditions

  • JEP - Previous Status Condition — allow transitions only if the issue has been set to the selected status before.
  • JEP - User Group and/or Project Role Condition — allow users in a particular project role and/or group.
  • JEP - User Non-Reporter Condition — only allow the transition to take place if the user is not the issue’s reporter.
  • JEP — User Project Role(s) Condition — only users who are in at least one selected project role can make a transition.
  • JEP - User Not In Project Role(s) Condition — only users who are not in selected project role(s) can make a transition.

Workflow Validators

  • JEP - Field Has Been Set Validator — validates that the specified field has been set.
  • JEP - Parent Issue Status Validator — validates that the parent issue’s status is in one of the specified statuses.
  • JEP - User Project Role Validator — validates that the logged-in user is in one of the specified project roles.

Workflow Post Functions

  • JEP - Add Subtask User(s) to Parent Issue Watchers Post Function — add user(s) in field(s) as watchers in the parent issue.
  • JEP - Assign Issue to Specific User Role Post Function — assign the issue to a user within a specified role.
  • JEP - Assign Issue to User in Custom Field Post Function — automatically assign the issue to the user within a custom field.
  • JEP - Assign to Specific User Role Based on Issue Field Post Function — assign the issue to a user within a specified role.
  • JEP - Update Linked Issue Field Value With Current Issue Post Function — update the linked issue’s field value with the current issue’s value.

Once a custom field, workflow condition, validator, or post function is set, you and your team won’t have to think about it again. Just sit back and let the Enhancer Plugin for Jira take care of the rest.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Very good addon. Custom field creation and management was a cumbersome process for our team. So glad to have it now, also it has several other useful features that we like and use regularly. Besides this the development team is very accessible and they are open to adding new features on request.” — Enhancer Plugin for Jira User

Get Started With Your New and Improved Jira Instance

Adding your enhanced custom fields and workflow features is easy. After installing the Enhancer Plugin for Jira Cloud, log into your Jira instance, navigate to the apps section, click on the Enhancer Plugin for Jira and then click on the custom field configuration menu. To add your new workflow enhancements, head to the workflows page and choose from the JEP workflow options.

You can try the Enhancer Plugin for Jira Cloud free, simply head to the Atlassian Marketplace to get started today!



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