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A New and Improved Time to SLA for Jira Cloud

The biggest update to Time to SLA for Jira Cloud yet is here!

Providing unmatched service level agreement tools within Jira is one of our core goals. It’s with this in mind that we’ve launched the latest version of Time to SLA for Jira Cloud.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

  1. Greater flexibility when creating SLAs.
  2. Faster SLA calculations.
  3. A brand new design that’s compact and even easier to use!

This is the biggest update that we’ve made to the Cloud version of our best-selling SLA tracking app since launching it last year. Let’s dive into some of the new features…

Greater Flexibility When Creating SLAs

A service level agreement (SLA) is a promise from you to your customers about the level of service that they’re going to receive. This makes them highly personal to the customer, the service and a whole host of other factors including how long the service will take, team availability and the level of authority needed to execute the task. Flexibility when configuring your SLAs is therefore crucial when it comes to creating bespoke agreements.

In the latest version of Time to SLA for Jira Cloud, we’ve added new features within the “Add New SLA Definition” window. You can now set multiple goals within a single SLA as well as create nuanced SLAs that have similar start and stop conditions but different durations using JQL and/or priority, saving you time.

You can also set multiple start, stop, pause and reset conditions within an SLA, including the ability to pause an SLA when the assignee field is empty (a highly requested and powerful tool). Whilst combining an unlimited number of status, field, date and comment options — giving you even more flexibility when it comes to managing your SLAs.

Create SLAs that are bespoke to your business and customers.

Faster SLA Calculations

We’ve upgraded our system to a new Incremental Calculation Engine to boost the overall performance. This means that instead of calculating an SLA every time there’s a change within an issue, it’s now calculated incrementally whilst only dealing with new changes. This reduces the impact on issue transition as well as edit durations. Again, saving you and your team precious time.

Brand New SLA Configuration Page Design

The new SLA Configuration page is a one-stop shop for adding new SLA definitions, viewing and editing existing SLAs, managing all notifiers, cloning, and deleting SLAs. This means that managers and team leads can get an overview of SLA details, whilst easily and quickly making updates.

What’s more is that despite adding new features to this page, we’ve stripped the overall design back for a more compact interface that’s even easier to use.

Migrating from Server or Data Center to Cloud

We’re excited about the future of Cloud and closing the feature gaps between all of our hosting platforms. This latest release means that if you’re migrating to Cloud, you can expect the exact same awesome features as your on-prem instances.

Get in touch with our Support Team if you have any questions about the migration process as well as Time to SLA Cloud.



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