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A New SLA Gadget to Power Your Jira Cloud Instance

Introducing the Periodic Met vs Exceeded SLA Gadget which is now available on Jira Cloud with Time to SLA. This powerful gadget displays SLA data by status as a bar chart — an extremely handy tool for team leads to gain useful insight about the overall SLA performance and keep track of progress.

The y-axis shows the number of SLAs that have been met, are in progress, or have exceeded. Whilst the x-axis shows the all-important time which can be monthly or weekly. Display this as a monthly view for a top-line analysis or as a weekly view to drill further into the data. You have the freedom to choose this depending on the needs of your business and SLAs.

The Periodic Met vs Exceeded SLA Gadget is a favorite amongst our Server and Data Center clients, and we’re excited to bring this feature to Jira Cloud. Our customers love using this tool to communicate results to management and non-technical people within their companies. The bar charts are color-coded with clear labeling making them easy to understand. Add them to your admin dashboard to instantly visualize SLA data.

If you’re already a Time to SLA customer then simply head to your desired dashboard, click “add gadget”, “select TTS — Periodic Met vs Exceeded SLA Gadget”, customize the gadget to suit your needs and you’re away. Find out more here.

Or you can try Time to SLA for free today, where more gadgets and tools are waiting to help make managing your SLAs easy.



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