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Everything You Need to Know about Time to SLA

We’re really excited to launch our best-selling app, Time to SLA, on Jira Cloud! There’s currently over 1,000 businesses in 70+ countries enjoying the huge impact that Time to SLA has had on their customer satisfaction scores.

We’ve had great reviews for the app on Server and Data Center, and we’re looking forward to welcoming even more customers into the Snapbytes family.

Here’s everything you need to know about Time to SLA by Snapbytes.

Keeping Track of SLAs is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

If you’re frustrated with all of the work that comes with managing SLAs then look no further…

  • Step 2 — track your SLAs easily with a color-coded SLA panel complete with countdown timer.
  • Step 3 — gone are the days of wasting time generating SLA reports. With Time to SLA, you can report on specific results quickly and export data with just one click.

Customize the App to Suit Your Specific Needs

We know that service level agreements are not just a document but a promise from you to your customers. So we created a fully customizable app which instantly visualizes how your teams are doing, warns you when an SLA is about to be breached so that you never miss a deadline and allows you to build trust with your customers.

Foolproof Integration with Jira

You can use Time to SLA on all Jira applications. What’s more is that you can also integrate Time to SLA with plugins such as Better Excel, eazyBI and Script Runner — as well as other plugins using our readily available REST services… Did we mention that the app is customizable?

Easy Transfer from Other SLA Tools

If you’re currently using another SLA tracking tool and don’t want to lose your existing data then you have nothing to worry about, because Time to SLA offers easy transfer from other SLA tools and recalculates all information for existing issues.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to SLA like a boss! Try it for free here today.



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